Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turning Back the Clocks

I'm hoping that Jack will sleep a little late tomorrow because his normal wake-up time is 7am, and now that will be 6am. Good thing it's Dennis' turn to let me sleep in. (Evil laughter).

me: Tonight we turn the clocks back, right?

Dennis: Yeah.

Jack: What's that mean? What are we turning back?

me: The time. We have Daylight Savings Time and we make it an hour earlier so that it's lighter in the morning.

Jack: You can't just do that!

me: No, it's everyone. We all do it.

Jack: Well how do you know that?

me: It's on the news and everyone knows when to do it.

Jack: (puzzled look)

me: We do Daylight Savings Time in the Fall so that it will stop being dark out in the early morning. Then we turn it back in the Spring. Or rather, turn it forward. heh heh. Sigh...

Later in Jack's room at 8:15pm...

me: Hey, we're a little late here so pick your last story. I'll turn the clock back.

Jack: How do you even DO that?

me: You just wind the little thingy in the back.

Jack: So now it's 7 o'clock? Just because you turned it?

me: Yep. But we're still going to bed.

Jack: And if I want to make it later... I CAN TURN IT BY MYSELF!!?????

me: Uh, no. If YOU turn it, it will still be the same time.

I think Jack thought he just invented time travel or something. He was freaking amazed that we just had to spin the hands on the clock to make it earlier. It's very hard to explain things like that to a 5-year-old. But the bottom line is...let's hope he sleeps late tomorrow.

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