Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Radio City

Ugh. Typing this so late. Had to watch the plastic surgery show that was on 10-11. What a bunch of freaks. Yet I can't look away! So today we went to NYC to see the Rockette's Christmas Show. I had always wanted to see it but never did. I thought Jack would like it because of the orchestra and all the dancing, etc. The boy likes him some dancing. As Dennis said today, as Jack was grooving in Ruby Foos..."Jack, you've got some loose hips there". Aka Twitchy Butt.

Here's our conversation from this morning:

Jack: Aw I don't wanna see a Christmas show. It's not spectacular!

me: It'll be so much fun, with dancing and music. You'll see...

Jack: It'll be stupid, sorry!! It sounds BOR-ing!!!

me: Well we're going so go get your shoes on!

And then during the show:

Jack: This is SOOOO much fun!!!!

me: Mom's always know best.

Jack: And you're right about that!

Some of the people around us just loved to watch Jack watching the show. He was SO completely into it. When all the santas came out he screamed "WHOAAAAA!!" And when the kids flew up in the air and it started to snow, he shouted "That snow is amazing!!! I know they're really not flying because I can see the strings, but this is SO cool!!!" I was glad he had such a good time.

The one comment that Jack made that I thought was pretty observant was this... "Mom, how come none of the dancers have brown skin?" Hm.

After the show we ate lunch and then went to Bryant park for some ice skating. I'll put up some pics soon. Promise. We had fun watching Jack force himself to learn to skate in a matter of minutes. By sheer will alone he was able to go from complete novice to the kid that can Frankenstein around on the ice with arms held wide for about 5-10 feet before lurching for the wall. We were very proud of his determination, though it's a bit frustrating to have him want to be such a damn perfectionist at everything. We would try to hold onto him and he would scream "NO! I can do it!" Well, he did it. Add it to the list of accomplishments for 2010. There's a lot of em.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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