Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice Fall Day

No, we didn't fall. Though with both me and Jack in the picture, one of us is bound to get hurt. Oh wait, I did fall off of his wiggle rider toy thingy as I blasted down the driveway and he tried to catch me. Me = Bad Guy, Him = Cops. He will NEVER let me be the cop. Grrrr.

We hung out outside for most of the day. We made piles of leaves, played on the swings, played "bad guy" on and off, had some snacks, rode bikes/scooters, filled the bird feeders, and then finally at the end of the day, sat on the warm driveway and watched the sunset. No pics, my camera died after I took a couple of him jumping in the leaves.

me: Here, sit on my lap and your butt will stay warm.

Jack: Ahhhhh...

me: See the silhouettes of the trees up there?

Jack: What's that mean?

me: The shape of something. Like if I trace you around the outside of your body... (I demonstrated with a finger and he burst into a giggling fit)

Jack: I see the different tree shapes.

me: What about the clouds? Can you see some soft ones and some feathery looking ones?

Jack: Yeah, right over there! That tree has some leaves left on it...

me: Now close your eyes and what do you hear?

Jack: A lawnmower, and birds...

me: That's it? What about Daddy? (a loud clunking from the garage)

Jack: Yeah I can hear him now.

me: I think that noise is a leaf blower, and not a lawn mower. What else do you hear? I can hear you breathing...

Jack: Oh wow, you really have to listen hard to hear that...

me: And you have to sit really still.

We sat that way for about 5 or 6 more minutes. The sun popped out from behind a cloud for one last show before setting. The wind had disappeared and the chickadees were twittering around. It was a nice moment, and one that is very rare with a boy that never sits still.

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