Friday, November 12, 2010

Early Morning

Jack was up singing this morning. It was cute. He came down to wake me up and his hair was all sticking up...he's wearing a tie-dyed shirt and blue track pants as pajamas.

Dennis and I decided to have Jack go with us this morning to his Great-Grandfather Adam's burial. We weren't sure, but after talking about it and knowing Jack, we decided that this would be okay.

me: Hey Jack, we're going to Grandpa Adam's funeral this mor---

Jack: (interrupts me) Can I come!?

me: We were thinking that you should come with us.

Jack: Is it after school?

me: No, it's this morning, so you wouldn't go to school.

Jack: Yes I want to go.

me: Are you okay with that?

Jack: I know what a funeral is from Mr. Magorium... (the movie with Dustin Hoffman)

me:'s outside and we'll get to say goodbye to him.

Jack: What does the box look like?

me: The casket?

Jack: Yeah, is it big?

me: You'll get to see it later when we get there.

Jack: Okay. Can we visit him anytime we want?

me: Of course, anytime we're not at school or work...we can definitely go visit him and Great Grandma.

Jack: I want to go back and visit him tomorrow because it's Saturday.

Aww, he's sweet. I hope he's not upset by anything he sees today. It's going to be a military funeral and I'm sure that there will be lots of people... But, he'll always remember that he got to say his goodbyes and that is what I think is the important part.


  1. He is old enough to remember being able to say goodbye. That will be important to him in the future. You made the right choice.

  2. Thanks. Jack appeared to be glad to be a part of the whole experience. The funeral was held on Grandpa Adam's 95th birthday, so that was rough. There was the military gun salute, then a cousin released a birthday balloon and Jack watched it rise up until he could no longer see it. The next day he wanted to go see if the balloon was still up in the sky somewhere. He'll always remember those things.