Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Artist

(Jack running at the Cape a few weekends ago...cuz it feels artsy...)

I'm hoping Jack will follow in my footsteps and get into art and all that fun creative stuff. (yeah like I do any of that anymore) ANYway...there's still hope! He's gotten into drawing and coloring lately, after the mad obsession with geometric design books had slightly faded... And now he produces some really cute stuff. Here's his latest masterpiece:

Jack: This is a drawing of a little girl with ponytails. They kind of look like rainbows. I'm drawing her nose like this because I'm really not good at noses yet.

me: Very nice! What's up with her eyes? Do you need to put eyeballs in?

Jack: (gives me a disgusted look) Um, her eyes are CLOSED Mom. Sheesh.

And there goes my career as an art critic. Shunned by the 5-year-old art world. I will no longer have any say over crayon drawings, chalk marks in the driveway or rainbow pencil art. Even the dry erase board is beyond my grasp. NOW I can see that her eyes are closed. Can't you??

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