Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss me?

Today I went to NYC to a client trade show. I was able to get Jack on the bus this morning, but Dennis had to do the bus drop off and dinner, etc. It was a fun day, nice weather and everything. But, I still missed getting Jack off (haha) the bus. Or should I say "I still missed getting Jack from the bus". Sigh. Can't win with that name. Hi-Jack! Do you want a cracker Jack? The list goes on. You can see Jack waving from down the street and the bus driver always tells me to start waving back as soon as I see the bus. It's like a quarter mile away but I start waving because I guess Jack can see me.

Anyway, I missed his Tae Kwon Do Class as well. I like those little things, and I realize that I really do hate missing them. I finally came home around 7. They had eaten dinner and brought me some pizza. We actually pulled into the garage at the exact same moment, which is always funny.

me: Hi Jack! (see? that name!)

Jack: Hi Mommy! I got Teacher's Choice today. (which is down two notches from having a good day)

me: Well, you'll have to try harder tomorrow. (I grab him in a big hug) I missed you so much today!

Jack: You know what? I don't think I missed you. Because I didn't really think about you so I guess that means I didn't miss you?

me: Oh, that's okay...(I fake pout)

Jack: Wait, oh yes! I did think about you in Tae Kwon Do! (he looks to see if that cheers me up)

me: Yay! Then you missed me a little?

Jack: Um...YEAH!

me: Very convincing. Thanks!

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