Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Queen Amidala

That's me. Can't you tell? I've been playing her all week. Jack has been Chewbacca. We've made up our own version of Star Wars and we've been keeping in character whenever we see each other, while keeping it a secret from everyone else.

It started on Sunday night.

Jack: Let's play Star Wars. I'll be Chewbacca.

me: Big surprise. Let's see...who should I be... R2??

Jack: He's not a GIRL!

me: So I can only be one of the girls? Well that doesn't leave too many options.

Jack: Oh yes it does. You can be either Princess Leia or Queen Amidala. See?

me: Okay I guess I'll be Amidala. So I'm in charge of you, right?

Jack: Yeah. I'm the leader of the Wookies and I have to do whatever you say.

me: Nice! Okay, let's make sure no one's sneaking up on us. Check all the entrances to the house. (Jack dutifully ran off to do my bidding. This could work out in my favor!)

Jack: All set Queen.

me: Thank you Chewbacca. You are a fearless leader and I feel safe now.

Jack: Don't tell Daddy what we're playing okay?

me: Okay. Why not?

Jack: Because it's a secret.

me: Okay, but what about tomorrow?

Jack: I'll be Chewbacca at school and no one will know.

me: That sounds good! Chewbacca is always the most well-behaved Wookie of all. That's why he's the leader. So when you're in school, remember that and you still have to act like Chewbacca even though no one knows what you're doing. And I'll be the Queen at work. (haha)

Jack: Yeah! I want to do that. Do you really mean it?

me: Totally! Can you be Chewbacca all day?

Jack: (gives me a scary tough-guy look) Yes!

Suffice it to say that Jack has (so far) had one of the best weeks at school. He got excellent reports each day, and when he hops off the bus he whispers "I'm still Chewbacca, right Mom?" to me. He's really following through, and I'm totally impressed! Before we left for TKD class tonight, we had one more play session of Chewbacca/Amidala.

Jack: We should have a meeting.

me: About what?

Jack: You need to tell all the Wookies what we need to do, and that I'm in charge, and that we're going to a special class to learn how to fight better.

me: Oh, good idea!

I proceeded to talk to the empty hallway and tell all the Wookies that they had to keep our house safe and that we would come back with new self defense knowledge and that Chewbacca would be the one to teach it to them all. We then headed over to Jack's class and I stayed to watch. He rocked all his moves! Jack's instructor gave him some special praise tonight for being so serious and for helping out a new student that just joined. I was so proud of him today.

Let's hope it lasts. Oh please please please!

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