Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010 (and t-minus 24 days and counting til the new blog!)

January 1, 2010. We spent it in NYC! Should have done that today...
Gangsta in February!
And later that day...head band cute!
A trip to Disney in March!
We did lots of traveling in 2010. In April we headed to Florida again!
Jack and I did a lot of pottery in May last year. Here's Ed!
And Bella!
Who could forget a June graduation from Kindergarten. Not me!
In July Jack learned how to swim. I was so proud of him that day!
Of course Jack started Tae Kwon Do in August. He's earned a white belt and a yellow belt!
Crazy on the first day of school!

We loved to spend time in the beautiful September sunshine!
October in the Cape. Jack watches hula hoopers intently!
We lost a few things in November. Jack's first tooth and then the second one!
Jack is always very sweet with the kitties. Ed loves the attention.
Jack and his stocking on Christmas morning. :) A good end to a good year!

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