Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT... from this Blogspot location

This is our last post here.

Please come find us at our new home: Shit My 6-Year-Old Says. I'm glad this will only happen once a year. :)

We had early dismissal today. More snow. Do you hear that California?? MORE SNOW! I picked Jack up early from school. He had already eaten lunch. I had not.

me: Do you want a snack? I'm going to make a sandwich.

Jack: Can I have a piece of roast beef?

me: Just plain? Like rolled up?

Jack: Yeah. (he tastes it) tastes just like blood. Mom do I have a bloody nose???

me: No, that's the meat.

Jack: I don't think I can eat things that taste like blood. (he chucks it in the trash). Can I have a taste of the leftover frosting?

me: Okay, hold on. (I reach to get him a spoon, but instead he grabs a butter knife and dips it into the frosting)

Jack: OW I cut my lip!

me: What the heck did you do?? Jack come on, we don't put knives in our mouths.

Jack: But this is what you spread the frosting with so I thought it was okay. Now the frosting tastes like blood too!!!

me: Sigh.

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