Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! (OMG only 1 week left at this url!)

Okay. Two things wrong with that title. First, the blog is about sh*t that Jack says. Soooo... And second, anyone that knows me knows that wordless = dead. I always have at least one word for something! But I'll try to keep it to a minimum. Just because.

Jack: Let's make a deal okay?

me: Hmmm, okaaayyy??

Jack: If I do something nice, and get a sticker on my reward chart, that equals an instant video. But, if I get TWO stickers, then I can do a video and computer. If I don't get any stickers, I'll be okay with nothing.

me: That's not our rule though. You fill the entire chart and get a prize. We have to catch you being good. You don't earn the stickers. Where's the incentive?

Jack: I don't know what you're saying, so come up and see how I cleaned my room. I'm sure that equals at least one sticker! Woohoo, videeeooooooo!

me: Sigh.

Bootcamp sunrise 7am!
Bella on the move and stoic Ed.
Jack moving really really fast.
Kitty Fort!
Could there BE any more snow?
View from our garage.
Jack goofing around in the kitchen.

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