Friday, January 14, 2011

Step Aside! (Remember...on the 26th you won't find us here!)

We'll be here!

Last night I told Jack to make sure he behaved at school, got a great report and stayed under the radar.

Jack: Why do I need to do that?

me: What normally happens when you get a bad report from school?

Jack: I can't do anything like watch a video or go on the computer.

me: Is that any fun?

Jack: No.

me: Sooo, if you have a great day, what do you think will happen?

Jack: I can watch a video?

me: Yep.

Jack: I can go on the computer?

me: Yep again.

Jack: What about both?

me: If you get a great report, I'll let you go on my laptop while you're watching TV. How's that?

Jack: Really?

me: Yeah, you just get off that bus and say "Step aside Mom!" and then grab the TV remote. Then I'll know you mean business.

(3:45 this afternoon at the bus stop)

me: Hi sweetie!

Jack: Step aside MOM!

me: Huh?

Jack: Good report! Now step aside!

me: Well, we kinda have to be IN the house. But good for you!

He wasn't going to let me forget THAT promise, now was he???

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