Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Note Part 2 (14 days til blah blah)

So this is starting to read like a soap opera. See yesterday's post for part 1. Jack got off the bus and I could hardly wait to ask him!

me: Soooo? Did you give Megan the note?

Jack: Yeah. But not at lunch.

me: No? Why not?

Jack: I left it in class.

me: And...?

Jack: I asked (for lack of a better name) her teacher Mrs. Brookstone if it was okay if I gave Megan a note and she said it was okay.

me: Where did you see Mrs. Brookstone?

Jack: At lunch.

me: Um. So then when did you give her the note?

Jack: In her class.

me: Details please.

Jack: I asked MY teacher if I could go to Mrs. Brookstone's class to deliver a note to Megan. She said after I finished my morning work.

me: Really? She let you huh? (I'm amazed at the workings of a first grade class)

Jack: Yeah, I had to bring a friend.

me: Wow, it was a whole deal. So you went to her class and saw the teacher?

Jack: No, I just went and found Megan.

me: And then you gave the note to her?

Jack: No, the teacher saw me and I gave the note to the teacher to give to Megan.

me: So did she?

Jack: Yeah.

me: (resting my chin in my hands, all engrossed) So did Megan open it??

Jack: Noooooo, because there are PEOPLE around and they would probably laugh, so it was good that she didn't open it.

me: Why would they laugh?

Jack: Because they don't know what that note is about. (he spells) M-A-R-R-Y...

me: But you're 5 and you know about it, so why wouldn't the older kids know about it?

Jack: They just don't. That's why I decided on the bus this morning that I wouldn't give it to her at lunch. Too many people. They wouldn't understand.

me: Wow. Hmm. You're a piece of work Jack, I'll give ya that.

Jack: I wonder when she'll give it back to me?

me: She may not, so just be prepared.

Jack: Oh I'm prepared all right. Ha!

That's literally how he talks. I'm not sure what else to do about this, but I'll let it play out and then try to dissuade him from further stalkings I guess. Right? I sometimes need to shout this out loud...HE'S ONLY 5 YEARS OLD! 5!! Okay, soon to be six, but I mean Come ON!

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