Monday, January 24, 2011

2nd to last day right here! (Then follow me to Wordpress!)

Remember... on Wednesday I'll be here. Whew. Can't believe I'm a few minutes from having a 6-year-old. Well he really turns 6 at 4:36 pm, but not as far as he's concerned.

Jack: Do I turn 6 as soon as I go to bed?

me: Well, actually tomorrow morning.

Jack: When does morning start?

me: Uh, at midnight. Technically speaking.

Jack: See? You're not telling the truth!!!

me: Sigh.

I asked Jack what he wanted to accomplish as a 6-year old.

Jack: Science.

me: That's it? In general.

Jack: This is the year for science.

me: Oh. Okay. I hope you have excellent luck with that.

Jack: Yep. Goodnight.

And that's how we end our last night with a 5-year-old. Tomorrow is my "transition" day. LOL. I need one. Come on! Then on Wednesday I'll pack up my words and press on. Clever eh? Okay, it's time for bed. The shiny new bike is sitting right behind me. I hope he loves it!!!

Goodnight my special 5-year-old boy. I'll never ever get to see you again.

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