Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yellow Belt!

Jack tested for his yellow belt today. He passed with flying colors.
Self Defense = A. Kicking = A. Form = A. Yay!

One confession must be made. I screwed up the time. Bad. Really Bad. The paper said "Testing for white belt at 4:30", "Testing for yellow belt at 6pm". I understood it to mean "If you're testing FOR a yellow belt, which Jack was, you go at 6pm". They meant "If you already ARE a yellow belt you go at 6pm". Jack should have been there at 4:30. Sigh. We pulled in at 5:30 to hahahahaha get there early, but we were an hour late. Jack's entire class was in the final phase of breaking boards. I started to panic a little.

I spoke to the Master, and he said Jack could test with the older kids. Jack was fine with it. He actually tested all by himself as the only white belt. AND, since it was at 6pm Dennis was able to make it. 4:30 wouldn't have happened. So I guess it was all for the best. Jack was the MAN.

me: Jack, I'm so sorry that I messed up and you didn't test with your class.

Jack: It's okay. I didn't want to test with them anyway. Some of the young kids are SO sloppy. Sheesh.

Yeah, okay Chuck Norris. :)

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