Thursday, December 30, 2010

Climbing the Ladder! Dirty Shopkeeper!

This is the year that I started a blog. I came into work one day in April, had so many things rolling around in my brain, and decided to finally take the plunge. I just set up my account and started writing that very minute. I haven't missed more than a day or two (due to illness!) since I started. I'm pretty diligent about it actually. My head feels clearer, and I can talk about grown up stuff now, usually. And, my blog is climbing up on some of the sites I've joined. (Oh, I'm #276 right now, but I'm sure it will change soon, so hurry and go look, because I'm all at the top of the page!) I like that. I haven't gotten to an even 20 followers but that's mostly because THOSE OF YOU THAT READ THIS BLOG DON'T REALIZE THAT IF YOU FOLLOW IT BY CLICKING ON THE LITTLE THINGY ON THE SIDE IT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY! Not that I need validation by seeing a new face pop up on the side...but it helps.

Anyway, There is one more post for me this year and then we begin the fast slide into the NEW and SHINY blog "Sh*t my 6-year-old says". (Don't worry, I'll make some sort of cool header with a cool picture of Jack holding up 6 fingers or something original and clever like that.) I think it definitely has to be a tie-dyed theme because that is SO Jack. (OMG could it really have taken me 3 tries to type tie-dyed? "tye died", "tie died", "tie dyed" then finally, oh that makes four..."tie-dyed".) Sh*t.

Jack: Mom can we play dirty shopkeeper?? Please!???

me: Okay, just for a few minutes because it's bed time...

Have I mentioned this before? We started this game when Jack was maybe 2 or 3. He sets up his register. We come and shop, buy a few things, exchange some money, then he takes the money and our bag of stuff and runs. The first time he did this I think he was really confused or had watched Cops recently or something. So we just went along with it. One of us would shout "Hey get back here you dirty shopkeeper, that's my stuff!!" Jack would crack up and run around. Now whenver we play store, or anything involving money, we expect him to make a break for it. I hope that doesn't come back to bite us in a few years.

me: Okay sir, I have this box of tic-tacs that I'd like you to hold for me while I do some more shopping... (Jack grabs it and runs) HEY! What are you doing?? Cops!! I have a dirty shopkeeper over here!

Jack does a Scooby Doo run on the kitchen floor, not actually moving but arms and legs running at full speed. I almost pee myself because it looks so funny. Then he gets traction and just makes it around the Christmas tree and...

...almost smacks into Dennis who's coming around the corner with a basketful of laundry.

Dennis: Hey! Watch it!

Jack: Hey! Move over!

me: Hey! Get back here!

Typical night at our house really. Tell me your house is calmer. I dare you!

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