Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nothing to report...hit by car...and Star that order

Can it be I have nothing to say today? I can probably talk for an hour about nothing, so you know that's not true. Jack and I had a weird afternoon. He got off the bus, and as usual ran right into the road without looking and almost got flattened by a car that was passing the bus. WTF. I never yelled so loud in my life. I hurt something in my voice box.

Anyway we went in the house and for some reason we were both starving. We polished off some leftover rice and tea biscuits. Weird huh? But it worked. That was around 4pm and I still haven't eaten anything else. Guess that's it for food tonight.

Jack: Let's play Star Wars.

me: Okay. You can be Luke. I'll be Leia.

Jack: Pretend we're eating in that place...

me: The Cantina? (I burst into my whistling rendition of the song.)

Jack: Stoppit! Yeah, pretend we're eating Star Wars food.

me: Fried rice in Star Wars?  Okay...

Jack: Mmmm, this is good. I need to get someone to fly me around.

me: I think that guy over there looks like a pilot. Whatdya think?

Jack: What's the big furry guy?

me: Looks like a Wookie. He's gross.

Jack: (whispers to me) Mom I think I want to be Chewbacca now. (he wraps himself up in his blanket and starts writhing around)

me: Ew, a disgusting Wookie eating right next to me??

Jack: Nooo, I'm your friend.

me: (I never leave character!!) But can you fly the Millennium Falcon?

Jack: grrrooowwwwlllll...

me: Okay let's go!

Jack: (whispers) Wait, I have to finish my rice...(starts gobbling)

me: Sigh, I was just getting into it...

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