Thursday, December 30, 2010

Falling Behind and TKD!

I have two posts that have not been...posted...because I've been sick.
GAH! I don't like to fall behind, so of course I just remembered I can
email my post from work, since for some reason I can't log into
Blogger. Thanks Blogger!

Jack heard the news that I'll be starting Tae Kwon Do next Monday. He
was very excited! I'll see how it uniform looks like the
size of a bed sheet because they had to find pants long enough for my
freak legs. GRR!

Jack: Sooo, when you start, you're a non-belt right?

me: Yeah, I start out the same as you did. No belt. I have to earn them.

Jack: And you have to go in the same order, right?

me: You mean colors? Yeah, I have to do white, then yellow, then orange...

Jack: How many times a week are you gonna go?

me: I can go 3 times a week like you, if I want, and we can go on
Saturdays to practice. Why?

Jack: So that means I'll always be two belts ahead of you!!! Yay!!

me: (realizing this was all about his status and had nothing to do
with his interest in my classes) Well thanks, is that all you're
worried about?

Jack: No. I can be your instructor. Stand up and give me your ten
motions! Don't forget to say yes sir after everything Mom.

me: Sigh. Little dictator...

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