Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't die...

Again, this is not a topic that I like to talk about right before bed, but this is how Jack's brain works. Exact conversation we had tonight at 8pm, while he was tucked safely in bed.

Jack: Mom, how will I recognize you when you're old?

me: Do you mean because old people look different?

Jack: Yeah, how will I know it's you?

me: Because you'll see me every day and you'll see how I change and look different little by little. Just like when you were a little baby, and now you're a big boy. I recognize you because I saw you get older every day.

Jack: But what if I take a trip and come back and you're old?

me: I'll send you a picture every day so you'll see how I look. Okay?

Jack: But what if you die while I'm on my trip.

me: Don't worry about that now Jack...

Jack: Can I visit you when you die?

me: (!) Uhh...I'm not sure what you mean?

Jack: I mean, can I visit you, after you die!?

me: I don't think we should worry about that right now sweetie. It's bedtime...

Jack: This is exactly the time that I am worrying about it.

me: Well, I try to take good care of myself so that I will live a long, long time.

Jack: But you have to die sometime right?

me: We all do sweetie. But Daddy and I will be around a very long time for you.

Jack: Okay. I hope you live to be 200 because 100 just isn't long enough. Sighhhh...

me: I'll do my best. Goodnight...

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