Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie Night!

For Jack, but not for us. How weird is this. Dennis and I brought Jack to his Tae Kwon Do class for a 3-hour, fun-filled game and movie night. He got to see "How to Train Your Dragon", play some dodge ball, eat pizza and be with his buddies. Mom and Dad got to ... um ... we didn't plan anything so we ended up at the mall. Alone. Together. This hasn't happened in 5 years I think. I kept reaching behind me for Jack's hand. I didn't tell Dennis that. Very bizarre, but we had fun, and Jack had so much fun. It was worth the $15 bucks. That's all it cost! I hope they show some more movies.

Earlier today we went and cut our tree. Santa was on a break, it was 40 degrees out and you know, it wasn't the same as having a snow covered field to cut your tree down, but eh, it was fun. The tree wasn't as large as I would have liked.

Jack: NO, not that one, it's too small.

me: Jack, it's like 10 feet taller than you.

Jack: Eh, it has to be bigger. He wanders off to climb on a big rock.

Dennis: Are we basing this on the whim of a 5-year-old?

me: Well, I want him to help pick.

Dennis: He's over there barking orders.

me: Hey Jack! Pick this one or that one. (secretly hoping he'll pick THAT one...)

Jack: This one.

me: Sigh.

Dennis: Can I cut or do we need to have another discussion...

me: Go ahead.

Jack: I want to cut it!

Dennis: Stand back.

Jack: But...

Dennis: No, seriously stand back, I'm almost all the way through and it's gonna fall towards you guys.

me: Jack go over there a bit, okay?

Dennis: You got it? It's coming down.

me: UGH! (thing hits me almost in the shoulder) Here, let's tag it and go. Wait, where's Jack?

Dennis: Over by that tree.

And what was Jack doing do you ask? Of all the things that could possibly go wrong, of all the million other things he could have been doing? What does Jack choose to do? He was pulling vines of poison ivy off of the large tree that was next to the rock he was climbing. My scream could be heard for miles.

Guess we'll see what develops in 7 - 14 days. I was meant to age before my time. There must be a reason. This can't all be for nothing.

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