Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorations

No, we did not get our tree yet, but we did start decorating! I get very excited to pull out the boxes of snowmen, santas, lights, stockings and general Christmas mayhem. We have the Santa that plays "Get Jiggy Wid It", one that has a sax, and some other tacky items that I love, love, love. Luckily Jack loves them too. Dennis, not so much. We always try to make him dance. It never takes.

We pulled out all of the small trees that we put up around the house. Yes I said "all". There's one for the kitchen, a tabletop size. One for Jack's room, with all of his ornaments, one for my office...which is the fiber optic kind...the list goes on. My hands are chapped and sore from primping and straightening all of the branches. You know how they come out of the box...all crushed and flat. I fluffed (shut up, you know who you are) them all.

me: I'm so sick of fluffing trees Jack.

Jack: What does that mean?

me: You know, pulling the branches out so the trees look nice. That was the 3rd tree. I'm sick of it. Fluff, fluff, fluff, all day.

Jack: We put up three trees?

me: Yeah, I fluffed the one in the kitchen, fluffed the one in my office, fluffed your tree...I'm sure Daddy will want me to fluff his tree later. Heh heh...

Jack: I don't know what that means. You talk weird.

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