Monday, December 27, 2010

A little catch up on our reading

Jack and I finished reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. 2nd Narnia book. I thought it was the first. Oh well. Not my kind of thing really, but it was fun to see how interested Jack was in the story. He was so excited when the kids came back out of the wardrobe "at the very same day and hour that they had gone into the wardrobe" or something like that. Oh, that was a spoiler, eh? :)

Jack: Now we have to read Prince Caspian!!

me: That's the 3rd book. Don't you want to read the 1st book so we can see how the wardrobe was invented?

Jack: What's it called?

me: The Magician's Nephew, I think.

Jack: Ohhhh, it's about magic! How do you think they made the wardrobe??

me: I don't know, I never read that book.

Jack: Well just guess!

me: Maybe the nephew did some magic that he learned from his uncle and the wardrobe became magic?

Jack: Yeahhhh, that's probably it. We have to get that book Mom! We only have the 3rd one! Can we see the movie?

me: I'll have to check it out.

Jack: Yeah, it may not be appropriate for all ages.

me: Ha ha. You're funny Jack.

Then Jack read to me for a change. "Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class". He's a very good reader. Best delivery ever.

So I just went to go find a link to the Chronicles of Narnia book order and came upon such confusion! It seems that the books were written in one order, not chronologically because C.S. Lewis wrote a prequel (The Magician's Nephew), but were published in a slightly different order and then again Harper's put the books in chronological order and numbered them as such because they wanted a tidy boxed set. I think the author would have wanted them read in the order that they were published. Simply because they are written in that order and make references to people and places in that order. Like if you started with the first chronological book, which was actually I think the 5th written book, you would be lost because it references things from the first 4 books. Anyway, blah blah, I hope the 2nd book is a bit more interesting. :)

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