Sunday, December 12, 2010

He still says some sh*t

I'm sure it will only get worse as Jack gets older and learns more words. He's learning how to just dance around saying something bad without really saying it. But he gives you that look that says he knows exactly what he's referring to, and he knows that YOU know it too.

Jack: Oh Jesus Christ.

me: Hey! Not nice Jack.

Jack: Sorry. But that's God.

me: Not when you say it like that.

Jack: What if I say Oh Daddy?

me: Sigh, that's different.

Jack: No, it's not because I still said someone's name. How is that bad.

me: Just don't say it okay?

Jack: (later on when he drops something) Oh Jesus!

me: (warning tone) Jack...!

Dennis: Hey, knock it off Jack.

me: Well you say it...I guess no one in this house should say it then.

Jack: Yeah, Daddy says it.

Dennis: Just say "Geez" Jack, that's okay to say.

Jack: (putting an ornament on the tree) Oh Geez Is that sharp! (he looks at me because he knows he just said Jesus without actually saying it)

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