Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You can NOT park here!

Is Jack a tattler? In general, no. When it comes to me...yes! He loves tattling on me to Daddy to see if I'll get in trouble. As if. So, today we picked Dennis up at the train station after 5 days apart. It was late. We were all tired. As we were waiting for the train to approach, I called Dennis to see what station they were near, and then Jack got on the phone.

Jack: (looking at me) Um, Mom, try not to listen to this part okay?

me: Huh? Uh, okayyyy, I'm not listening at all. (yeah right)

Jack: Hi Daddy! Guess what? Mommy went through a stop sign the other day and then today she went through a red light (uh, NOT, because I had a green arrow. 5-year-olds do not know everything.), and right now this very second we're in a spot that says "No Parking! State vehicles only!" I TOLD her to move, but she won't listen... yeah...okay...bye!

me: Sooo, what did you tell Daddy?

Jack: Were you listening?

me: I'm sitting right here Jack.

Jack: But you SAID you wouldn't listen.

me: Well I kinda couldn't help hearing some of your little tattling.

Jack: That's not tattling when it's the truth.

me: I think that's the definition of tattling.

Jack: Well you shouldn't park here.

me: Do you know the definition of parking?

Jack: Uh yeahhh, you park your car somewhere.

me: Technically it's when you turn the car off and leave it. Is our car off?

Jack: No.

me: Did we leave it somewhere and walk away?

Jack: No.

me: Then what we're doing is "waiting" and not "parking", so it's ok.

Jack: Then why are the police coming over here?

me: WHA??? (I whip my head around)

Jack: Just kidding. Bahahaha! Anyway you did go through the stop sign, remember?

me: Yes, I didn't see it until the last minute. Sighhh...


  1. Maybe I won't read your's either. :p

    I saw sh*t and five and knew you had a good idea without me needing to read it.

  2. Nice! Okay okay I get the hint. Carry on.