Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy's got moves

And I don't mean Tae Kwon Do!

This morning I double checked Jack's backpack and found a small folded up piece of paper in one of the front pockets. Hmmmm. Now what would he be putting in there? I unfolded it... stopped, stunned, then laughed out loud so hard that the cats went scrambling for cover!

Here's what it said (in childish scrawl) "Lea 203-221-1235" or some phone number to that effect.

me: Hey Jack! What is this paper all about?
Jack: Oh, that's just Lea's phone number.
me: Lea who?
Jack: Lea across the street? Remember?
me: Really? I didn't think you ever talked to her. When did she give you her phone number?
Jack: Today on the bus. I sat with her.
me: What about Logan? I thought you sat with him?
Jack: Not today.
me: What are you gonna do with Lea's phone number?
Jack: (looking like I have 3 heads) Uh, call her sometime? (he sauntered out of the room)

I put the note in my pocket and after all the kids got on the bus I pulled Lea's mom aside.

me: Check this out.
Mom: (blank look for a second) What the...?
me: Yep. Jack got Lea's number.
Mom: She did not say one word about that to me. That' too funny!
me: I know! I was like what did he do...ask for the number or did she offer it up? Ha ha ha!
Mom: The kid already has some moves, at what...5?
me: Yeah. Sigh.

Dennis laughed and said, oh boy, wait til he hits high school. I can't even imagine!

And on a quick side note, at dinner tonight, we had this little exchange:

Jack: Mom, when you and Dad are too old to live here anymore...
me: (!!) Yeahhhh...???
Jack: Can you give this house to me?
me: Then where would we live?
Jack: (dismissively) Oh, wherever...
me: But this is our house too. Can we stay here?
Jack: Ok, but I have to own the house.

Oh for Pete's sake, do I need this already? Let me hit 42 first Jack, okay? Before you start selling me down the river. Or is it up the river? Sheesh.

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