Friday, September 24, 2010

Where to begin?

Do you sometimes run out of things to say? Nothing to blog about? I have the opposite problem. Can't sift through the plethora of material that comprises a single day of my life. We played rock, paper, scissors, water balloon, fire, (and gun) and then Jack added "lunchbox" in the middle, whenever he wanted a snack break. He would scream "rock paper scissors...LUNCHBOX, I need a break!" and then grab the bag of goldfish. I cracked up the first time that happened. He's a funny kid.

Tomorrow or Sunday, Jack and I will head up to the Big E, in MA. Annual pilgrimage. Tons of fun. Large vegetables on display. Farm animals doing tricks. And oh so much more! Like seriously, it's not a tractor pull kinda place. (Sorry Potato and Corn Festival, I'm not mocking you! We love you too!). Anyway, go check it out. You have about 2 weekends left, or so.

Jack: Are we going to the Big E again?
me: I think so. Do you want to?
Jack: Yessss! Can we go right now? (5:45 on a Friday night eh?)
me: Uh, no not right now. Maybe tomorrow?
Jack: Can we stay all day and all night til it's dark out like when I was little?
me: (smiling at that) You remember the first time I took you?
Jack: Yeah, I was two. We stayed until the lights came on.
me: We did have a lot of fun. You loved all of the rides and didn't want to get off of them.
Jack: They gave me lots of extra rides too, remember?
me: Now how the heck do you remember that. It was three years ago.
Jack: Three years isn't that much time Mom.

I guess he's right, if 3 years equals 60% of your total life, it probably is easy to remember that. Now don't go checking the freaken math on that one. You get my point.

A brief shout out to "Shit My Dad Says" for the pilot episode last night, and from whom my blog name is derived. I missed the show, but hope to catch it next time. William Shatner is priceless!

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