Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy, but in a good way

All mom's have this kind of day. Mine was just peppered with all of the unique items that make my life work. Right now that is. We'll see how long I can hold it together.

Wake up, get me and Jack ready, get him on the bus, get me to work, then get Jack off the bus (Ha, I just wanted to say jack off again. I know. I'm 12.), then home for snack, change of clothes and off to tae kwon do, then me back to work, then pick Jack up from class, go home for dinner, feed the cats and us, my turn to change, then off to my nighttime bootcamp class because Dennis is away and I have no one to watch Jack at 5:30 in the morning...but I digress. Or am I done? Oh yeah I'm done. We came home and Jack went directly to bed. I did dishes, laundry, ate pie, and here I am. Are you having fun yet? Because I know I ammmmm!

Jack: I can't believe you're coming to watch me at MY class, and then I have to go watch you at YOUR stupid class sorry. (he says it all in one breath so the sorry will cancel the stupid I guess?)

me: It's a busy day, so we have to stay on track. You can do your reading at my class, and have a snack, and pack a few toys just in case.

Jack: Don't I get to workout too?

me: Nah, it's a class full of women so there's no room.

Jack: Always the women...

me: What does that mean?

Jack: I dunno. (which he says like all 5 year olds "Ow no". There's no enunciation!)

Later at class:
me: I packed some snacks and they're in the front pocket of your backpack.

Jack: Yeah, I unpacked those and packed what I wanted. (100-calorie pack of Oreos)

me: You are something else Jack.

Jack: What do you mean? What else can I be??

And then I did my hour long class, sweated like a mother, cuz I am one. haha. Jack was perfectly well behaved. Yes you read that right. He drew pictures. Played with his Etch-A-Sketch, found a toy gun hidden in a bench, flew his planes, and took out his tools and proceeded to try and "fix" the kettle bells. It was actually great. And that's why I love him. :)

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