Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hellooooo Spungfield!

That's what Dennis fondly calls my hometown of Springfield. Can you tell he loves it? I can!

Disclaimer: Any typos, grammatical errors, derailing storylines and just plain madness are purely the result of a very long night spent in a bachelor's new house along with 3 children under 9, two of which have life threatening nut allergies, plus two of my younger siblings, one brother-in-law and drop ins from my divorced strategically planned times so that they wouldn't cross paths, as well as a sleepless night with one child who became noticeably more allergic to said house as the night went on and proceeded to cough from the hours of midnight to 6:18. At 5-minute intervals. I know this because I was awakened at each cough and checked the clock.

Or, to sum it up even better: DAMN I be tired.

At one point today I had my nephew and Jack in the backseat of my car as we drove either to or from the park or the restaurant we visited for lunch. What follows is a snippet of their conversation. You'll notice a theme from some of my other posts. Jack is on the same topic that has obviously been bothering him for some time.

Jack: Hey Joey, (lowers his voice) what if we're dreaming right now.
Joey: (doesn't miss a beat) I know! What if my mom doesn't have two kids and SHE'S dreaming too!
Jack: Yeah! That would be weird. Then you don't exist.
Joey: (thinks about this) Well she's probably not dreaming then because I'm right here.
Jack: But what if you're only right here in HER dream!
Joey: Like if she wanted kids and then dreamed about them?
Jack: Yeahhh! Woah... (and in typical non-sequitur fashion) You know, Walmart is really BAD!
Joey: It is? How come?
Jack: Because they have bad people that will actually steal the money from your school!
Joey: Really?
Jack: Yes! They get people to come in and get the money that would be for your school and then they don't give it to you. You better check, because your school might be one of the ones that they got.
Joey: Ummm, but how exactly do they do that?
Jack: Oh that's not important. They just do. They take people against their will and do that kind of stuff.

They both sit and ponder that for awhile. Jack's on to something about Walmart, but he hasn't been able to put it into concise words yet. :) Check out the DVD. You'll be glad you did!

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