Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The nose always knows

One of Jack's strongest senses is his sense of smell. (If memory was a sense, that would win of course.) He can remember smells from years ago and pinpoint the exact location and situation that surrounded it. I have that same ability, and for me, smelling a certain cleaning product can bring me right back to my mother's kitchen, circa 1970, before I had any siblings! Oh the bliss!

Jack: (as I am applying sunscreen to his face) Sniiifffffffff! Ah, that reminds me of Indian Ledge park from last summer.
me: (joking) It was a Tuesday, right?
Jack: How did you know??
me: Sigh.

Jack: Today in Tae kwon do, my master's jacket smelled just like the mall.
me: Why do you say that?
Jack: He probably went shopping before class?

Jack: (upon entering my new Subaru) Ahhh, this smells just like your old car.
me: The one I just traded in?
Jack: No, the other Subaru you had.
me: Jack, you were one and a half when I got that car.
Jack: So? It still smells the same.

Even when he was 3, Jack couldn't wait to go back to the Cape house on vacation, because he loved the smell. It is a good smell, I'll give him that. Maybe having a good memory goes hand in hand with having a good smell memory? Is that the correct term? Smemory? No, I'm not trying to coin a new term like "Smize". I wouldn't dare!

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