Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking Halloween

And then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Year's and then a 6-year-old boy! The end of the year always speeds up for me after my birthday in September. It's like ZOOM I only have a few months to plan the big birthday bash! Jack is insisting on a gymnastics birthday party, of all things, because he heard you get a free t-shirt. LOL! Like he doesn't have enough t-shirts. He even requested that Dennis stop buying him t-shirts when he goes away for work, and "start buying me toys that I can play with Daddy". Jack doesn't even take gymnastics anymore. We tried it for awhile, along with cooking class (hee hee) and then swimming and now tae kwon do. I really thought he would like a cool tae kwon do birthday party. Hmmm. Goes to show, you really don't know what a 5-year-old wants!

Take Halloween for instance. I really really thought that Jack would resurrect Chewbacca for one more year. He makes a most excellent Wookie. Or a pirate, since he has recently been into very pirate-y things like plundering and pillaging and trying to grow a beard.

me: Sooo? What do you think you'll be for Halloween?

Jack: I think a Mutant Ninja Turtle.

me: Oh really??  (Helloooo 1989! And flashbacks to my youngest brother who actually was Raphael when he was about 5 or 6)

Jack: Yeahh, or Bumblebee.

me: (confused for a sec) Why would you want to be a bumblebee?

Jack: (disgusted eyeroll) The TRANSFORMER Bumblee of course?? Sheesh...

me: Oh. Yeah. Heh heh.

Jack: Or Optimus Prime.

me: Nothing regular huh? Like nothing that we already have a costume for? What about a Pirate? We can put that together easily from all of your pirate gear.

Jack: Just put together a Bumblebee costume then.

me: (amidst visions of spending another fortune on a costume) What about Pepito?

Jack: No.

me: So Bumblebee eh?

Jack: I can't waiiitttttt! It will be so cool! But we don't have much time, so you have to get working on it.

me: Sigh...

Okay, it is true that he's outgrown the Chewbacca costume, the doctor scrubs, Pepito's matador threads, the race car driver when he was 2, and Darth Vader when he was 1. Aside from buying a new costume online, what does one do when one's son wants to be Bumblebee? I can't make that costume! Oh ebay, I hope we don't have to visit you again soon. It always ends up costing us so much more...

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please do tell! I need some costume ideas myself. I have a great cape that I'm "dying" to use.

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