Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Jack: (in a fit on the floor) But I'm tiiiirrrreeeeddddddddd! I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I wanna sleeeeepppppp! (I let him cry it out on my lap and he did eventually calm down)

Jack: (while eating a bowl of cereal) First grade is SO cool! It's just great!
me: Wow, that's a change.
Jack: Whaddya mean, it was always cool!
me: Sigh

Jack: I do NOT want to go to more Taekwondo!!! It's too hot!!!
me: (thinking we would not be signing up for more classes after the trial period) Okaaayyy, whatever you want to do is fine.

Jack: Can we sign up for Tawdwondo for next month? I beat the master at one, two three! I was the fastest!!!
me: You were super fast, and you did a great job. I'm glad you had fun.
Jack: I always have fun here!
me: Hmmmmm....?

Jack: And I'm not doing stupid 20 minutes of reading every night either! ... sorry...
me: I'm so glad you said that because it was just about to get very interesting in here...
Jack: Yeah I know. Do I have to read?
me: But you love to read.
Jack: Only when someone doesn't make me read.
me: I can understand that.

me: You have to take a bath, eat dinner, do your 20 minutes of reading, and then if you have excellent behavior for all of those things, you can use the computer for a bit. I'm not going to warn you. You either behave or you don't and suffer the consequences.
Jack: Okay.
me: Huh?

So, you see, transition is not one of Jack's favorite things. We still have to give 5 minute warnings when we need him to stop one activity and move on to something else. He gets so engrossed in what he's doing that if you ask him to stop cold he freaks out a bit. Therefore the transition to something huge like first grade really took a toll on him. I forgave a lot yesterday. Even when he clenched both of my wrists so hard that he left marks. He actually did a lot better than I expected and that alone made me happy.

Can't wait to see what high school will do to him...

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