Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lunchtime in first grade

Jack: Mom, I got the most amount of food today...ever!
me: Are you talking about lunch or what?
Jack: Yeah! I got sausages...I got french toast...I got pears and two cookies of course!
me: What do you mean TWO cookies?
Jack: Ha ha, it's only one pack but it has two in it. You saaaaiiiiddd to only get one pack. So I found the pack that had the most in it.
me: Uh huh, pretty clever.
Jack: And, it does NOT have tree nuts in it (winning smile and innocent eyes seal the deal)
me: As long as you eat your vegetables you can get the cookies, remember?
Jack: But they didn't serve vegetables for lunch. It was breakfast! Remember?
me: What about the grape tomatoes I put in your lunch bag for snack time?
Jack: Oh, I popped those. They were gross.
me: (gotta love the honesty) Please don't pop your food. Bring it home if you don't like it. Someone will eat it.

Later that night...

Dennis: And where did those nasty tomatoes come from?
me: Huh? What are you talking about?
Dennis: The tomatoes that you left for me on the counter? Where did you get them?
me: The farm.
Dennis: Well yeah, those made me sick so don't pack them again.
me: Sigh. I liked them...

So much for organic farm box produce!

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