Monday, September 20, 2010

Make up your mind

Or, as my Dad said "I'll make it up for you." A poet, that one. In the last couple of days...wait, who am I kidding, it's been years...but in the last couple of days I've been noticing more of Jack's great waffling capability. He can't make up his mind sometimes and it's very VERY inconvenient for me. A few examples:

Jack: (from the back seat, as we're driving) Mom, I need a tissue!
me: (reaching for the tissue to hand back to him) Okay hold on, I ---
Jack: (cuts me off) Ohhh I'm sooo thirsty. I need that water bottle now!
me: What do you say?
Jack: Please can I have the water??? Where's the tissue!?
me: I'm trying to hand it to you, will you please take it?
Jack: Noooo, I don't want that right now, I need a drink!
me: (putting the tissue down and reaching for the water) Here you --
Jack: Wahhhh, my nose is running. Where is that tissue!
me: Really! Enough. Make up your mind please! Would you like this tissue or this water?
Jack: The water.
me: (reach back with the bottle) Okay, here you go.
Jack: (doesn't move) Ahhh forget it.
me: Grrr!

Next fun example:
me: Get your shoes on please.
Jack: (reaches for his sneakers) Maybe I don't want to wear these today.
me: Then grab the hiking shoes. Either way.
Jack: But the hiking shoes are for hiking and ... Oh I don't know!
me: Here just put these on. (I grab the sneakers)
Jack: No! The hiking shoes!
me: Sigh, really? Here they are. Please put them on.
Jack: Wait I think I really want the sneakers!
me: Last chance or we go out the door barefoot. Pick.
Jack: I think I want my crocs.
me: Sigh, here you go.
Jack: But I have socks ooonnnnnnnn! I can't wear these with socks!
me: Grrrrrrr!

And one more, in case you haven't picked up on the trend:
Jack: Can we go to the park?
me: Oh I thought you wanted to play with Dina next door?
Jack: I'd rather go to the park.
me: Okay, let's get ready to go.
Jack: I want to finish playing here first though. (He's building something with his blocks and marbles)
me: Well we should get going if you want to have time to play.
Jack: Let's wait until after.
me: There is no after. We go now, or forget it for today.
Jack: Alright, let's go.
me: We can stay here if you want. But it's a nice day out.
Jack: Yeah let's go. Should we stop at Dina's first?
me: Sigh, not if you want to go to the park. If you'd rather play with Dina, then we can go over and see if they're around.
Jack: Hold on, can I finish this first? Then we'll go over Dina's house.
me: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I try to give choices. Really I do. But sometimes I can't take the waffling back and forth. Should I not give choices? Should I just say "Park! Now! Go!" or something to that effect?

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