Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm not scared of the dark!

Jack: Black used to be my favorite color. That's until I knew that darkness was black. I don't want that for my favorite!
me: Are you scared of the dark?
Jack: No. It's just that...I really don't like to BE in the dark (hand gestures) when it's all...dark.
me: Yeah I know what you mean. How come you told the babysitter to close the windows before you went to bed?
Jack: Oh, that was just because it felt safer that way.
me: But she was down here and you were upstairs. Your windows were closed.
Jack: That way I didn't have to go and worry about it for a hundred years.
me: What made you worry about an open window?
Jack: Well, I know it's not real...but...Gavin told me about this chainsaw guy that lives in the woods, and he has chainsaw hands and he only comes out at night. That's not real is it? (his eyes begged me to agree with him.)
me: What do you think? Have you ever seen anyone with chainsaw hands?
Jack: No.
me: I can tell you right now that the story isn't true.
Jack: Good!
me: What if you made up a story right now about a big furry alien that landed in our front yard and then you told Gavin about it. Would he believe it?
Jack: Probably.
me: But is it really true?
Jack: Of course not, we just made it up of course!
me: That's exactly what happened to Gavin's story.
Jack: He made it up?
me: Yep. Or someone else told it to him to scare him.
Jack: Oohhhh, no sense in worrying about that anymore.
me: You have better things to worry about right?
Jack: Yeah. big furry aliens really land in our front yard?
me: (oops) Uh, no, we made that up.
Jack: Oh yeah, heh heh.

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