Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy Guest Post #2

Why not make it a monthly thing? Once again, I'm done in by this weekend...not a lot of sleep, lots of hard work around the house, and general end of summer blues. I'm going to go finish up the "ok" book "By the Time You Read This". A couple of good cries...sort of light and fluffy around the edges, but I've read worse. But enough about me. Have fun with a story from Dennis.

Jack and I went to take in the last bit of summer at the town pool today since it is the last day of the season before they close the pool. It was a warm day but not the hot ones we have been used to all summer. As we went to get into the pool the breeze was hinting that fall was just around the corner and the water wasn't all that warm. Jack took extra time to get in and so did I. Last day of the summer I said to Jack. Jack started to correct me because he knows the last day of summer isn't for a few weeks. I said to Jack that I mean that they are closing the pool after today and we won't be able to swim in here until next year. Jack said "yeah I know, we might as well make the best of it". Jack and I swam for an hour but it was kind of cold in the pool and you could tell we were both thinking its a good thing this is the last day.

After one of the breaks where they force all of the kids to get out of the pool. Jack said "I don't want to go back in, I just want to lay here in the sun and take nap." "O.K. I said, but you know we won't be able to go into the pool after today until next year." Jack seemed weary but responded as he stood up "Well lets go back in then". It seemed like a response driven by obligation but as soon as he turned and saw all the kids in the pool he went right in as I sat on the side of the pool. Jack made friends with a group of kids that were all ages. He enjoyed playing with them, chasing them all around the pool. All the kids seemed to be breaking the rules around the pool, running, diving, toys in the pool. You could tell they didn't care if they got in trouble because it was the last day of the season. At the same time you realized the kids were playing not as if it were the last day of the season but as if they had a whole summer ahead of them.

When it was time to go, I told Jack it was getting late and we should go home and start thinking about what we should do for dinner. I offered Jack a chance to stay and go in one last time....Jack said "No, I'm good. Let's go home". Jack looked exhausted and you could tell he wasn't worried about losing a season, even one as warm and fun as summer. I'm sure he's looking forward to the fall with apple picking and halloween and playing in the leaves....although maybe not all the "hard work" of first grade....

(btw, Daddy didn't hit "publish" last night and went to bed instead. Sigh. So this is last night's post. Hope you enjoyed.)

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