Thursday, September 2, 2010


First off, could it BE any hotter? Really. We went in the cellar after school to play and cool off. It was literally 30 degrees cooler down there than in our own kitchen...with central air! I am so done with heat, can you tell?

We were hanging out with our neighbors and Jack was just playing around, when all of a sudden, he comes over to me and starts whispering.

Jack: Mom...what if this is all a dream?
me: What if what is a dream?
Jack: All this... (he waves his hand around)
me: The basement? Or...
Jack: Nooo, I mean, what if...we're really asleep right now and this is all a dream. How would we wake up!
me: I can pretty much guarantee that you're awake.
Jack: But how!? You don't really know!
me: I think I do, but that's an interesting thought.
Jack: What if you never wake up?
me: Try this. Next time you're dreaming in your bed, try and ask yourself if that is really a dream. You won't be able to do it.
Jack: You don't know that.
me: You're right, but...
Jack: No buts! Okay I guess I'm awake because I have to pee. (he runs upstairs)

Jack: Okay! (finished his business and donned a headset and microphone. more whispering to me.) Mom, pretend I'm like 26 and you sent me off to airplane pilot school and now I'm a pilot.
me: Sounds good.

I can now see that Jack's thoughts bounce around as much as his little body does. It never stops for a minute anymore, until he finally sleeps. But wait, what if I'm asleep right now?? Cool! That means the ice cream I'm about to eat will have zero calories!