Saturday, September 25, 2010

What you learn when Daddy goes away

Dennis is gone for a few days. Work stuff. Bleh. Now I'm a single parent for 5 days and can't go to my morning boot camp class for another week. Wahhhh! Okay, I'm done.

me: Jack your manners at the table are so good! How come you don't have these manners when Daddy's home?
Jack: Wellll, he's usually a bit of a distraction to me.

Jack: I'm going to tell Daddy you went through that stop sign.
me: I didn't actually go through---
Jack: I'm telling anyway.
me: Now why does that sound like a good idea to you?
Jack: Because Daddy will get mad at you and then you'll have a little discussion about it and I'll go in the other room and do whatever I want.
me: Sigh.

Jack: You're the best mommy everrrrr! (as he swings on our neighbors swingset)
me: Thanks! I like hearing that!
Jack: Just kidddiinnnngggggg! My teacher is my favorite person. Hahahahahahaha!
me: Sigh.

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