Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That Girl

(This was last night's post just sitting here not being posted! Grrrr...)

Jack and I were in 5 Guys last night (burger place) and he started to
look really sad.

me: What's up Jack?

Jack: I'm thinking that thing again, about that person again.

me: Who?

Jack: You know...

me: Come here and whisper it if you want to.

Jack: It's the girl from the Radio City show.

me: Clara? Thinking about her again?

Jack: (his eyes start to fill up) Yeah... you know what I want to do to her?

me: Ummm...why don't you come over here and tell me. (Egads...)

Jack: (comes over and whispers in my ear with french fry breath) I
want to marry her.

me: Oh sweetie...(I give him a big hug and he just sags into me). You know what?

Jack: What? Sniff...

me: Someday you're gonna meet a very special girl and get married, and
I know you'll be a very sweet husband.

Jack: Yeah...

me: Are you okay?

Jack: I just really liked looking at her.

me: I know...

Now how sweet is that??


  1. Boys are such a mess! Poor things. Then they grow up. Sigh. :)