Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas cards and being human

It all started when we received a card from my friend Lucia, of "So what are you making for dinner" fame. The card was signed "Chris, Lucia and Archie."

Jack: Who's Chris?

me: That's Lucia's husband. You haven't met him yet.

Jack: Archie and no Kramer. Awwwwww! And now I'm sad. (his eyes well up)

me: Ohhhh, I know sweetie. Everyone will miss Kramer.

Jack: Why do cats die?

me: Well, they get old or they get very sick.

Jack: Which one was Kramer?

me: He was very sick sweetie.

Jack: Is he buried in the earth forever?

me: Well.. (I believe he was cremated but I didn't want to get into THAT before bedtime)

Jack: Did he go to heaven?

me: Of course he did.

Jack: How long after you die do you go to heaven?

me: It's pretty much right away.

Jack: Is he up there now?

me: Yes.

Jack: Will he be born again?

me: I don't know. Some people believe that, but I don't know for sure.

Jack: When we die will we be reborn as people again?

me: Not sure about that either.

Jack: I think we get born again. I really believe that.

me: You may be right.

Jack: Do we get born again as other things like bumble bees?

me: Maybe. We don't know because when people die, they don't come back to tell us exactly what happened to them.

Jack: And that's exactly why I do not like being human! (he sits on my lap and looks all freaked out)

me: Awww, I know...

Jack: I would rather be a BISON! Being a person is NOT good. You never know what happens. I hate people.

me: But I'm a person.

Jack: Yeah, well not you and not Daddy. I like you.

me: What about Ed and Bella.

Jack: I like cats too. It's just...sigh...

me: I know, it's hard to think about those things, huh?

Jack: Yeah. I'm sad Kramer had to die.

me: Me too. But he knows we're thinking about him. And you just have to be happy about that, okay?

Jack: Okay. I'm not gonna think about this anymore, it's too stressful.

Imagine what he'll be thinking about when he turns 6?? If I make it that far. :)

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